IDEAs are commodity but IMPLEMENTATION is NOT and this is exactly the world of Startups, with great IDEAs but struggling for building the Prototypes and Minimum Viability Products. In this overall ideation process the STARTUP will lose a great deal of time and money in making it a better product.

Using NoCode platforms like Appsheet both can be solved at once and you need Expert Help to make it fit for the real world scenarios. We at Solworxs work with the STARTUPs from the day of their IDEA by allowing them to build their prototypes with NoCode.

We Do:

✅ IDEA 2 Prototype with NoCode

✅ Prototype 2 MVP  NoCode/LowCode and WebApp

✅ Live APPs for Market Launch with Super and Smart App

✅ A Marketplace for the MVP with Hybrid App

✅ Connects with the EcoSystem with AI BOT


Women Entrepreneur

Women Entreprenuer’s contribution is phenomenal in building the IDEAs but during the initial day spreading the word about their IDEA in the real world is with a little less push.

The focus is to build Do-It-Yourself Apps in the initial days towards focused product marketing, which include engaging the customers with campaigns, building the success stories, educating the business scenarios. We Solworxs help Womenprenuers to build effective marketing tools using NoCode platform.

We Do:

✅ App for Product Marketing Solutions with WebApp

✅ Customer Experience Flows with AI Bot and Chat Bot

✅ The Product Marketplace with NoCode App

✅ App for Promotions with Hybrid App

✅ App to Connect with the EcoSystem with AI Bot


DATA is the New OIL and this is the most important fact in the acceleration of MSMEs. Most often trending centralized solutions like CRMs, ERPs, Cloud solutions are implemented for the capture of the customer data across the various departments of the firms, but missing the essence of the Customer information generated at various levels of business.

Using NoCode or Lowcode solutions will enable the smart data capture and decentralized CRMs to ensure the data capture with more engaging users for maximizing the customer experience.

We Solworxs help MSMEs to get the SMART DATA Capture implemented using NoCode platform.

We Do:

✅ Smart Data flows with WebApps

✅ Useful MIS Reports with AI Bot

✅ Interactive Feedback with Chat Bot

✅ Video Marketing Forms with Hybrid Apps

✅ Online Customer Surveys with Smart Apps



Digitization or embracing the Digital world is the one of the top 3 strategies to implement for the business growth in the 2021 and beyond.

Think of NoCode solutions for transforming your digital world and you will be amazed to see them with innovation in your budget. NoCode can help you make teams learn things faster, quick schedules, encourage your projects teams to take on the road for future ready business. We Solworxs help Corproates to get the NoCode Program Initiatives using NoCode platform.

We Do:

✅ NoCode Strategy for your Company with NoCode

✅ Project Charter for your NoCode with NoCode

✅ NoCode Group Training for Teams with NoCode

✅ UAT Testing & Project Rollouts with NoCode

✅ Future Innovation with NoCode with NoCode

Traditional Business

Uncertainty is a concern for the traditional run business and most often the reach to customers is not very engaging in terms of online presence. For a traditional business it is now more than required to take the business Online to engage with customers by offering an overall new and improved experience.

We at Solworxs, help traditional business owners to build effective tools using NoCode platform for taking your business online.  

We Do:

✅ Online e-Store Apps with Hybrid Apps

✅ Solutions for Online Sales with Smart Apps

✅ Online Customer Collaboration with AI Bot

✅ Vendor & Supplier Teams App with Chat Bot

✅ SMART Business Apps with WebApps