We have AMPLEARN is a focus program for anyone to learn NoCode as Novice and become an expert. 5 levels of training for NoCode using Appsheet Platform. We are KNOWN for Certification programs at every level.

(a) NoCode trainings for Appsheet platform
(b) NoCode trainings for Power Apps platform
(c) NoCode trainings for Kisai platform

Trainings We Offer:
Our 5 level training programs are

  • My First App
  • My App Factory
  • My Digital World
  • My Collaboration
  • My System

Group Trainings

Train the Trainer is our key focus training program. We are KNOWN for Custom NoCode group training and offer them the Certifications.

Trainings We Offer:

  • NoCode Trainings for Small Teams
  • NoCode Trainings for Project Teams
  • NoCode Training for Enduser teams
  • NoCode Training for Business users


Ample Days are Online NoCode Workshop are done twice a month to keep tuned for the announcements. We are KNOWN for Custom NoCode interactive workshops and offer them the Certifications.

Trainings We Offer:

  • NoCode workshops
  • NoCode TechJAM Sessions
  • NoCode Knowledge based sessions
  • NoCode Multiproduct Workshops
  • NoCode Expert Talks


Amplethon is our imitative for the NoCode Hackathon Hackathons. We are KNOWN for the Amplethon which is organized in the month of August every year.

Trainings We Offer:

  • Public Hackthons
  • Hackathons for Colleges
  • Hackathons for Universities
  • Hackathons for Enthusiasts
  • Hackathons for NoCode Developers