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AMPLE (App Making Profit Line engagement) is our unique methodology to design Apps using Google Appsheet Platform. We are KNOWN for App designs for RealEstate, Small Clinics, Home run e-COMMs, Supermarkets, Collection Agencies, Utilities Serivce Companies, FMCG, Manufacturing Industries, Educational Institutions, Surveys, Consultants, Engineering Services, Financial Service Firms and many more sectors.

Jobs WE Do:

✅ Zap Designs

✅ Zap Prototypes

✅ Zap Re-Designs

✅ Zap Developments

✅ Zap Launcher Solutions

ZAP Testing

We are good at testing Apps.We are KNOWN for Test Driven Assurance for Live Apps.

Jobs WE Do:

✅ ZAP Test Strategy

✅ ZAP Test Data Creation

✅ ZAP Testing

ZAP Rollouts

We support all types of rollouts for Apps.We are KNOWN for App Release management schedules.

Jobs WE Do:

✅ Small TEAM ZAP Rollouts

✅ Large Groups Rollouts

✅ Project ZAP Rollouts

✅ ZAP Branding Rollouts

✅ Production Rollouts