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Technology adoption for growth of business is excellence fortune and this can be achieved with state of art NoCode/LowCode cloud platforms.

Few insights from our Story….

The first bold step was to build a simple, effective Nocode Apps with outcomes in terms of time, effort, investment and after many trials our choice was to go with Appsheet. We loved the way A WYSIWYG editor was the key game changer and a great learning. This has actually given us enough chances to learn NoCode from the core level and motivated us to pickup business use cases to solve.

We delviered our first commercial app by end of 2017 a milestone for NoCode solution delivery which earned the skill “WYSIWYG”.

The knowledge gained from NoCode Apps was productized and were able to deliver solution much faster. Our focus was to build solutions to enable access data from anywhere, in process numerous pilot projects were done with Startups, MSMEs. We realized most of the applications were B2C scope and the challanges with devices was little in comparision to the larger user expectations on the functioning of the solutions.

The valuable learnings from our pilots given the strength on the approach AnyTime AnyWhere Any Device, “ATAWAD” which changed the way we looked at building NoCode solutions and we were able to connect the business need more from a Per App or Per User or Per Account or Per Subscription mode of delivery of NoCode Solutions.

The Expertise of NoCode Apps was maximized with our past deliveries, but we had enromuos apetite to learn more and looked to the real users. We did organize various workshops to empower Citizen developers and got connected with various workshops this incredible opportunity made us learn the very unique skill of SMART DATA Capture , “SDC”. A rare skill to master the UI and UX to build complete business Apps with the existing NoCode/LowCode interfaces.

With this excitement we extended our horizon from Appsheet to many other NoCode platoforms but one unique among the list was Power Apps which made us acquire a news skill Smart Process Automation ,”SPA” and for sure this was a bigger take away on the user experience for NoCode/LowCode solution.
With the two skills SDC, SPA bagged to our expertise we know complexity for a B2B or B2C business use case and a superb milestone changed the way we built NoCode\LowCode Solutions.

As we progress into 2020 the COVID times gave us a new challenge and the business would like to maximize on the investment on the Apps or Monetization of the existing Apps. The VUCA world has triggered innovation and we started helping customer to build NoCode apps in unique ways to monetize with App Making In Profit Line Engagement, “AMPLE”.

AMPLE boosted the NoCode App delivery to a new level of agility, excellence, robustness and this new power driven the team with high confidence to reachout to citizen developers globally with first ever online hackathon exclusive for NoCode and we named it AMPLETHON.

Amplethon = AMPLE + HACKATHON.

Amplethon was conducted with one spirit #freedomfromcode and it was an amazing support from sponsors, participats, enthusiasts who clocked their valuable time to make it a bigger success. You can read the section about amplethon2020

With Mastery of Nocode built on core competencies WYSIWYG, ATAWAD, SCD, SPA, AMPLE we created Appskeletons which enables business to gain retun on Investment within 7 to 10 days.

Appskeletons are the new age investments business can do at ease on NoCode solutions using Google Appsheet platform. We have set of 20 avalible for quick deployment for business.

We are happy to announce that Amplethon2021

We rebranded our activites to align with AMPLE methodology strucure our complete NoCode offerings to make it easier for business and the new world of NoCode Solutions looks like the below list

  • AMPLE – Our Core mentodology
  • AMPLE SERV – Customized NoCode services support for business
  • AMPLE EXPERT – Expert NoCode Services support for business
  • AMPLE LEARN – Training support for business to rollout NoCode
  • AMPLE COURSE – NoCode Certified Training Programs Enthusiasts
  • AMPLE GO – Workshops for Business to Encourage NoCode Adoption
  • AMPLE CHAMP – Workshops for Students & Education to Encourage NoCode Adoption
  • AMPLE DAYS – Workshops for Ethusiasts empowering Citizen Development
  • AMPLE NET – A dedicated community of NoCode Developers
  • AMPLE TUBE – A dedicated youtube channel with NoCode Sessions

We are glad to be part of our customer Win-Win Story and proud to be NoCode Destination.

We are now racing into 2022 and future with Business Destination with everything is a possibility with NoCode solutions excited to grow with Appskeletons, Amplethon, AMPLE.

We are Trending NoCode!