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1) Good skills of Excel sheet
2) Good Knowledge of Cloud Environment
3) Ability to list the business features

1) Appsheet Platform User
2) Gmail ready to build the Apps
3) Busienss scenario ready for the App


  • Connect with the First App Story
  • Column Types, Restrictions, Defaults, Variables at play, etc..
  • Formatting, Localization, Options, Logo, etc..
  • Dashboard, Reference Views, Security Filters, etc…
  • Deep Links with Conditions, Virtual Columns, etc..
  • Create, Modify, etc…
  • Master-Detail Template, Before & After Variables for Workflows, etc..
  • Daily, Monthly, Weekly Report, etc…
  • Set the Sync, Offline, Cookies, etc..
  • Deployment, Subscriptions, etc..


This is 40HRS program aimed at Appsheet users building apps using the platform. The user will imporve their knowlegde on the platform with learing of the basic in the pratical approach. At the end of this course the participants shall be able to build a complete functional app using the paltform.


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