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1) Basic skills of Excel sheet
2) Knowledge of Public/Private Cloud
3) Management Skill, App Development

1) Appsheet User Team
2) Domain Ready for the Apps
3) Team Matrix Ready


  • Introduction Session to Appsheet Framework, App Development Cycles, etc..
  • Make Apps for Teams, etc..
  • App Test Cycle, etc…
  • Make Apps for Larger Audience, etc..
  • Sharing the apps, etc..
  • Transfer Apps within Teams, etc..
  • Maximize from your existing Apps
  • Streamline your team activity for building Apps
  • Things to do, Things not to do, etc…
  • Build Team Interaction App, etc…


This program is aimed at individuals to manage the apps across the team(s), app development across the team(s) using the Appsheet platform. At the end of this course the participants shall be able to share, transfer, co-Build the app using the paltform.

Teams can maximize the benefit by attending this program and start to collaborate for the new, existing apps requried for the organization.


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