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1) Basic skills of Excel sheet
2) Knowledge of Public/Private Cloud
3) System Admin, DBA, Server

1) Appsheet User
2) User Role Matrix is Ready
3) IT Policy is Ready


  • Introduction Session to Appsheet Framework, App Development Cycles, etc..
  • Tables, Slices, User Attributes, etc..
  • Get the Usage Statistics for your App, etc..
  • Android, Iphone, etc..
  • View the Performance of Apps
  • Get the Audit History of the Apps
  • Halt the current App, Release the Apps, etc..
  • Forms, Detailed Views, Chart, Map, etc..
  • Understanding the Numbers, etc..
  • Admin Control, Build your sample Admin app, etc..


This program is aimed at individuals at the system admin level and an Appsheet user to monitor various activities realted to the App development cycle on the Appsheet platform for the team or Organization.

At the end of this course the participants shall be able to monitor and control the user acess of the end users accessing the paltform.


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