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Grow as a Citizen Developer participation is your investment, Join the TRIBE and be part of Workshops, Programs, Hackathons, Interviews, many more keep tuned


AmpleDays: Workshops

This is an exclusive 120 mins NoCode workshop for connecting the citizen developers to the Google Appsheet Platform.


Amplethon 2021

Amplethon is an Online Nocode Hackathon conducted every year for education and promotion of the Citizen development using the NoCode platforms.


AmpleBlogs: Read the detailed blogs about NoCode

Ampleblogs is an exclusive page connecting the Nocode innovations  to the Citizen developers.

Our Unique Services

Empower your NoCode/Lowcode Transformations


With our rich expertise in NoCode, Lowcode or both we help STARTUPs, MSMEs, Corporates, Women Entrepreneurs, Business Owners in creating business solutions for the short term and long term business needs.

Custom Design

Innovation, Productization, Monetization are the 3 core elements we take care of in building unique apps for STARTUPs, MSMEs, Corporates, Women Entrepreneurs and delivering the state of the art business solutions.


End2End Business workflows, process automation, User Experience are the key aspects we focus with REST API & JSON integrations for STARTUPs, MSMEs, Corporates, Women Entrepreneurs in building complete solutions.


Empowering citizen developers is the key focus area for solworxs and we do extensive training and certification programs for Nocode, LowCode platforms for enthusiasts, students, noCode/Lowcode developers and business .


Business Continuity is the one of the essential aspects of NoCode or LowCode solutions built on both industry grade WYSIWYG platform or Home grown platforms. We offer services to build the complete maintenance and support process for business. 

Our NoCode App

NoCode/Lowcode Apps for your Business

Orgval is a pre-configured prototype on Appsheet NoCode Platform

If your business is Homegrown, IDEAs, Startups

Liwin is for Professionals, Consultants, Coaches, Trainers 

StoreKey is designed for Wholesale Dealers, Multi-Brand Shops

SMART is the best option for Primary Schools, Small Schools & Pre-schools

Realto is ideal for Builders, Developers, Relators

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Know what our esteemed clients/customers have to say about us in the area of POS management, systems, software, & customized tools.

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